Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Week's Exploration

I am really excited about helping the children create their own blogs. I know they will run with it and explore all the possibilities of blogging. It's exciting to see how they are already discussing ways to show their learning on the blogs.
Last week they ran sessions on using the Activboard to create puppet shows. This developed from the afternoon Craig spent working with them. They will need to show me again I think!
Just love the way they grab the technology and begin applying it straight away.
Have begun the Level 1 Promethean Course - a brilliant way to upskill and reinforce the work Craig is doing with us. Can't wait for the holidays to be able to have an extended play. Very lucky to have an Activboard at Deep Cove to be able to do this.
My holiday jobs are to complete the basic sign up for the children's blogs and to set up their e-pals. We should have a contact class or two by the start of Term 2. Very exciting. Another way to apply and share their learning. A wider audience for their writing too.

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