Sunday, June 27, 2010

Term Reflections

I've been thinking about the past term and how far the children have come in their learning. It's exciting to see the quantity and quality of feedback on the blog in response to their writing. All of them want to keep publishing this way to widen their audience. They are far more aware of reader courtesy when working this way.
Every day, they come up with ways to use ICT in very relevant ways to show their learning.
I was disappointed that we couldn't get the portfolios up and running for the children but I will get this done over the holidays. Time is always a factor, but I know that once they are up and running they will be very easy to maintain. The children are very excited about this next step too.
The blog, in particular, has proven to be a great motivator for learning.
We are now using it just about 80% of the time for homework. We got round any issues of computer problems at home by giving children who need it, more time on the computers at school. This has been effective and not a big issue.

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