Saturday, August 28, 2010

Learning for the Week

A very interesting learning week.

I heard on Wednesday that I'd been named as one of the Regional Chairs for the Global Education Conference 2010, so that was a bit of a buzz. Very exciting and will also be helpful in the ADE application later in the year. A good challenge and applicable straight to the classroom. If we want our children to be critical, creative and caring thinkers, this is one particularly interesting way of going about it.
The global community group has been going for years and it's really exciting to have the tools to be able to encourage participation in this way of learning.
Lots of learning this week about global communities and how digital technologies are building some pretty amazing bridges.
I will add some links on the sidebar for anyone who is interested in this.

We went to Enrich yesterday and have learned about podcasting - another passion - and how to make it really simple to use as a tool for Digital Storytelling. This is a fantastic use of technology to encourage reading, writing and oral language for all ages and stages.

I have also learned this morning how to use video more successfully in the blogs. Picassa has all the answers and makes it so much more simple. Better storage of photos too. Saves cluttering up the laptop!


  1. Excuse my ignorance but what is ADE? Your new role sounds exciting. What is a regional chair and what will your role entail?

  2. Thank you for your comment! Not ignorant at all - Apple Distinguished Educator.
    Regional Chair looks after whole of Australasia. I am not entirely sure what it entails in detail apart from dealing with publicity and promotion of the conference. We also look after the meetings and the presenters in the Virtual Conference room. I'm going online tonight, so will know more. Will have to put my precise self to good use - hopefully.