Sunday, April 24, 2011

iPad Excitement!

50 Innovative Ways To Use iPads In School - Edudemic

Check out this site, slide and Google Doc. I highly recommend Edudemic as a resource site for all teachers.

Although not currently in a classroom, this is where I want my research to head. There is so much potential to change the way we teach, to motivate, inspire - and learn from - our fantastic students.

I'd love to hear from people who have tried some of these learning experiences.


  1. Wow Mrs Hughes This is an fantastic blog I sure do use it as an ecsample that I should make my blog look like we have missed you so much at myross bush you should come in and see us and you should give us your email address so that we can email you Mr Herring has chaged it quiet it alot you should also visit our new blog it is alright I'm sure that you have been doing great in your studying cose we sure do hope so Our blog address is myrossroom8 well just tipe that in and then click on the Great eight and you should also comment. Have you brought your speiciel pear of shoes.

  2. Hi Simone! Lovely to hear from you. I've had a look at your new class blog and it looks fantastic. You will be doing some wonderful things with Mr Herring.
    I will definitely see all of you fantastic and fabulous people in the near future.
    I am studying really hard - and loving it. Thank you so much for your lovely comment about my blog too - I need to make sure that I blog more frequently to show and share my learning.
    I have indeed bought my shoes and they are stunning! I will come in and show all of you one day soon.
    Take care and keep working hard! (I know you will!) :-)

  3. Hi Simone! Loely to hear from you. The class blog looks fantastic! You are all so lucky to have Mr H.

    I am studying really hard and loving the challenge. Always good to be learning all the time - it's what I was always saying to all of you. :-)

    I do have the new shoes and will show them to you next time I'm in. Absolutely thrilled with them! What a lovely, and unexpected, leaving present.

    Thank you for the lovely comments about the blog - you have great ideas for your own one and are a great example to others about how blogs can work so well as reflective tools - for students and teachers.

    Keep working, teaching and learning! :-)