Friday, February 2, 2018

Feedback - What Works?

In 2011 one of my research projects for my Masters looked at feedback and what had the greatest impact on learning and teaching.  My focus was on writing and, in particular, what motivated 'reluctant' writers.  It was really interesting research to complete and I nearly carried on with it for my PhD but have gone down the path of Gifted and Talented for that.

The Slideshare presentation summarises the research but the main points are:

There Are 4 Main Types of Feedback

  1. Personal Praise Feedback
  2. Summative - 'Right' or 'Wrong' Feedback
  3. Self-regulatory Feedback
  4. Process Feedback
Two of these are more effective than the other two - do you know which ones and why and how they work?  It's a really fascinating area.  Have a look at the slides for a summary of what each one is and how and why they work.  The slides also detail the 'traps' we can fall into as teachers when giving feedback.

Being able to give effective feedback - and knowing what makes 'effective' feedback (had a great debate with a fellow student over that word), is something that I've had to practice.  It doesn't always come easy and it's so easy to say - 'That's fantastic!'  'Well done!'  These, in themselves, are not bad things to say - they are Feedback Type 1 - as long as they go along with Feedback Type 3 or 4, (more in the slides).  I'd love your feedback on this...

The Slideshare presentation below is a summary of the findings.

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