Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Edtech UNconference

I've worked my way through one part of the Interactive Whiteboard course and have absolutely loved it! Lots of good tips and tricks to use in the classroom.
I'm now working through the Podcast courses. This has so much potential as a tool to use in the classroom. The possibilities are endless and will provide another way for the students to show and share their learning. I'm thinking about ways to tie it in with a news bulletin for the school - pod and vodcasts on the website / blog, interviews with people relevant to the next inquiry, sharing pod and vodcasts for numeracy, writing, speeches and so much more. Will sit down and plan a specific way to introduce the skills to the students and then get them to apply the new learning to the curriculum. They are becoming very good at being able to do this effectively.
The learning through pod and vodcasts can be uploaded to their e-portfolios which I think I have sorted out now. But... you never know with technology!!
If anyone is keen to learn more about this, just let me know.

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