Thursday, August 5, 2010

Habits of Mind, Technology and other thoughts

Have had a fantastic day. We spent most of it learning about Habits of Mind and Science. It was so rewarding to hear the children applying what they are learning about the HOM to Multiple Intelligences, Blooms and the Thinking Hats.
They are just naturally incorporating technology into their learning and this was evident this afternoon during science when they just grabbed the cameras and flip videos and thought about what they wanted to film / photograph to put on the blog. Tomorrow, some of them will learn how to add them to the blog.
We are playing around with a different tool for uploading video. Blogger keeps providing a black screen when you upload it and we don't want that.
Have just about sorted out the issues with the e-portfolios too which is very exciting.
Will upload the portrait photos and the Ukiyo-e photos and those will be the first things they comment on next week.

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