Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Have really enjoyed the learning this week. It has been really challenging - especially the technical side of podcasting - setting up audacity and all the bits that go with it!
Great to keep challenging the learning though.
I've been given a $200 free pass from the Edtech UNconference for a staff member to attend as thanks for the work I've done so that has been a real highlight.
They've also used my feedback on the front page to encourage other participants. Great that NZ can feature on a conference like this. The convenor wants me to do a two minute Edtalk to share at the conference. Not so sure about that one! Will see.
On with the learning. Continuing this week on Activboard learning, and other challenges on the UNconference, Habits of Mind in class - proving to be a stimulating experience for all of us.
Also having a phone conference with the person in charge of the Apple Distinguished Educator programme about the next stage in the selection process. That should keep me out of mischief!

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