Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mastering the Publishing / Broadcasting of Podcasts!

My goal this term was to master podcasts and begin to use them with Rm 8 and other children.
The creating of the little gems has been easy...compared with the publishing and broadcasting!
I was determined in my efforts, however. No amount of confusion was going to stop me.
Tonight, I finally mastered the little menaces! Exciting beyond words - well it is for me, anyway.
We can now move on with the news blog that the boys from Rm 7 are working on and we can
continue to broadcast episodes on the science blog.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Elluminate Learning

Another up the hill in terms of the steepness of the learning curve! Have had a ball learning about Elluminate and all the benefits and possibilities of its use for PD and in the classroom. Elluminate is the online learning platform being used for the Global Education Conference. It is like an online conference venue where you have separate rooms, breakout rooms, etc.
Co-ordinating all the time zones has also been a great learning experience.
The tools that the room offers are fantastic. Each room has its own whiteboard that people can write on and participate, you can talk to each other - a bit like Skype, use the online tools, add in presentations and documents, work on documents together at the same time, share websites and link them in so that they can be explored at the same time, participate in chat... This is all live and I can see the potential for its use in the classroom.
I have talked to soem of the other teachers and they are keen to set up a 'meeting time' online where one class begins to write a story - the other classes see this come up instantly - and then the next class adds to it and so on. At the same time they can talk to each other and share ideas for the next step in the story - another form of digital storytelling.
The sessions can be recorded and saved for later use - another benefit of this system.
Many universities, schools, businesses, etc are already using Elluminate. I would like to use it as another tool in my research for 2011.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Keynote for Session 1: Podcasting

Podcasting Afternoon

Really enjoyed the enthusiasm of all participants! Very creative ideas for using podcasts in the classroom. This was our first session - on the basics and also on finding and downloading podcasts to use - stories, etc. I will keep adding useful sites to the sidebar on this blog.
Please add your ideas for using podcasts in the classroom.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Podcast Possibilities

Really looking forward to using podcasts with everyone on Monday.
Our microphones have arrived which will make things easier. The children
are really excited.
We want to look at ways that podcasts can be used in meaningful ways to
enhance our teaching and learning.
Starting with simple applications that can be easily managed first and then
moving on when everyone is ready.
Please add your ideas for podcast use in the classroom to this post as you
explore and try out new possibilities. Don't forget to share the finished