Monday, October 25, 2010

Progressive Storytelling Project and Epals

We've signed up for this project and are all really excited about the possibilities.
We are grouped with 5 or 6 other classes from mainly the USA to collaborate on writing
a story that will be published using Voicethread - something else for the our class to
Each class completes a part of the story and it is then passed on to the next group who carry
it on. We also have to complete and photograph 3 pieces of art work to accompany the text.
All of this is completed on our wikispaces page.
Our co-ordinator then puts it all together to share with everyone.
The possibilities are endless and we are able to Skype our fellow writers, email, etc.
This could also be a possibility for what we do to learn about our place in the world by
linking up with a wider range of classes round the world. Can't wait to start this discussion
with Rm 8 tomorrow! I know they will come up with some fantastic ideas.

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