Monday, November 19, 2012

Sharing the Teaching and Learning

Over the past three weeks my class has been involved in a very exciting project.

What is MyChatPak?  This is the new name we've come up with for the adaptation of the original software - MyVcv.  Check out our new page on the Room 4 Learning Journeys blog and see what we're up to now!!  Linking in to our epals with our new learning.

MyChatPak is an adaptation of MyVcv by Virtual Technologies.  Virtech have been very kind to us by allowing Room 4 to take this programme and adapt it for educational use.

Below is an example of the original use which is for uploading and sharing CVs.  More exciting information to come.  The link for this part of the software programme is on Facebook at

Below are two examples of how we're adapting the programme in the educational setting.  We're using it to communicate with our new epals and it's a great way to show them who we are.  This will make it much easier to match up people in the various classrooms around the world.

Already, one of the benefits we're seeing is that we are becoming so much more confident in speaking in front of an audience.

We'd be really interested in seeing what other ways you could use this tool.  It's simple and easy to use with the support for students' confidence of having a script that rolls while you're recording - like an autocue.  What a great way to build confidence in public speaking!

We're already thinking of ways to use it in reporting to parents, sharing with our eLearners overseas, sharing our Numeracy Knowledge in a snapshot to help our families know what we're learning - or as an assessment tool.

Everyday there are new possibilities!!    Email us with more ideas so we can adapt the software!!  We're really excited about our learning in this area!!

This week we're hoping to work with the software developer to add our recommendations and be able to innovate the software for our uses.  Look out for the update from us towards the end of the week!

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