Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ken Robinson: How to escape education's death valley

Sir Ken is always an inspiration.  This TED Talk does not need a great deal of comment.  The power of it will be in the discussion it provokes.

If only those in power would listen to what he says.  We know it's commonsense.

No Child Left Behind in the US is not working.  The drop-out rate is terrifying and creativity is being stymied.

Too narrow a curriculum that stifles creativity, imagination and innovation will lead to a much higher drop-out rate no matter what country.

Commonsense needs to prevail.   It is imperative that we retain curiosity and creativity.  We have a fantastic education system and curriculum in New Zealand.  Let's keep it that way and not travel too far down the track of the US.  Testing is important - as long as it impacts the teaching and learning and helps to identify the individual learning needs of our fantastic students and ensure they make the progress they deserve.

Let's keep them engaged and if they're not engaged, let's get involved, get to know them and find out what we can do as teachers - and learners - to re-engage them.

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