Saturday, September 13, 2014

My favourite part of the school day and why

Day 11 of our challenge!

Thinking about my favourite part of the school day is really difficult.  Generally it's any part where there are challenging discussions happening, where students have gained confidence to share their thoughts - and challenge the ideas of others.  It can also be those moments where a student sees another student needing help to understand a new concept so they patiently explain and support for as long as needed alongside me to make sure that someone else can have the understanding that s/he has - that's incredibly special.

It can be those moments in the playground where a group of students encourages someone to join in.  Seeing someone pulled into a new group of friends and made to feel welcome warms my heart as do the moments when you see a student stand up for someone or something they believe in.  It could be that they are doing the right thing and not allowing bullying to happen in any form, or it could be when they stand up for themselves because someone has judged them in some way...and been wrong.

I love the times when we're all sharing books and can't wait to recommend them in our Literature Circles groups.  To hear the excitement about books, especially from those who were not so passionate about reading in the beginning is simply magic!

Every minute with my students - even in the 'challenging' moments...these are my favourite times of the school day.



  1. So true! (And I love that you spell favourite using the British spelling.)

    1. Thanks Susan - I have to work in 'two worlds' - and change my spelling accordingly. My 'normal' New Zealand spelling - very English but then I have to change when I'm working on the Te@chThought pages. (And I have enough problems with time zones as well!!)