Monday, November 3, 2014

A Special Moment in A Busy Day

Day 2 of the Attitude of Gratitude Reflective Teacher @TeachThought Blog Challenge...

Thinking about special moments in the day-to-day rush and excitement of learning and teaching, of new discoveries, students striving to learn new concepts and create new knowledge, conversations that turn into exciting debates and more, I was challenged by this prompt to slow down and find one special moment.

I've got it!

Yes, all of the above is exciting and rewarding - and a whole lot of fun - but one of the most special moments for me is straight after lunch when the students come rushing in excited from racing around and spending time with friends, perhaps participating in sports practice and we sit down to read our class book or share a picture book.  The best times are when we can do this outside.

I love this time because it brings us back together as a group, as a learning and teaching team and it is an example of our love of books and reading.  Even those who are not always keen readers themselves seem to enjoy this time when they are read to and we take time to discuss what we've read. Sometimes this relates to what we're learning / inquiring about and other times it's just for the pure joy of the book and sharing something special as a team.

Magic!  And there's no limit on age either! 

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  1. we need to encourage more of this idea of slowing down to escape into the magical world of books!

  2. Absolutely agree Beth! This is a 'non-negotiable' for me. It's oral, visual, and written language all in one. Love the discussions.

  3. Love the phrase "learning and teaching team." Really glad to be on board with the Blog Challenge and to be inspired by educators like you!

  4. Thanks Wendy! I've always seen my students and I as a learning and teaching team. I learn as much from them as they do from me and we create a whole lot of new knowledge together which is what I want it to be - and what they need it to be.