Sunday, January 4, 2015

The One Area of my Learning and Teaching I Want to Develop This Year

Day 4 of the Reflect and Renew Blog Challenge from Reflective Teacher @TeachThought 

It's always hard to focus on just one thing!  I'm in the middle of preparing to go back into a classroom and a leadership position and I have a list.  Not really a surprise as 'everyone' says that a To Do list is a must for getting organised.  That's all well and good and I know that, logically, it's a great idea.  What if you're one of 'those' individuals who gets easily distracted or, even worse, procrastinates?  What if you're both??!!  (I'm even getting distracted as I write this).  

As I started to think about the one area to develop, I came up with about 30.  (Next time I write blog prompts I'll remember that I have to use them too.  They do force me to confront my shortcomings though, which is always a good thing.

I've finally settled on the one main area I want to continue to develop and extend this year - using all things Google in my teaching and learning.  I've been a fan for a long time but have yet to incorporate Google Classroom into what we do.  This is one of the reasons I need to be back in the classroom - so that I can implement all the ideas I've explored over the last year but not been able to fully utilise.

The biggest part of that goal is to apply to participate in the Google Certified Teacher Programme.  I'm keeping an eye out for when applications open and will do everything I can to achieve that goal this year.  I know through my research the benefits of using Google in the classroom using Google Apps for Education (GAFE), and I'd started to use the tools on a daily basis prior to leaving the classroom at the end of 2013.  Time to get back into it!  Have a look at the presentation below to get an idea about what it's all about and the advantages.


  1. I love everything Google. Got certified as a trainer in August. Just today used images to inspire writing, Doctopus script to deliver assignments in a way that allows me get formative feedback to inform instruction, and used sheets to place 160 8th graders into intervention groups. So many ways it can foster team collaboration with both students and with teacher teams. Great goal.

  2. Fantastic! I shall have to pick your wonderful brain for ideas and advice! Very interested in Doctopus so will have to go and investigate that. Just had a very quick look and I'm fascinated with what it offers!