Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why On Earth Would You Want to be a Teacher?

Day 14 of the Reflect and Renew Blog Challenge from Reflective Teacher @TeachThought 

Today's prompt is all about what we'd do if a young person was asking for advice about becoming a teacher.  What would we say?  What advice would we give?  I've been incredibly privileged to be in this position many times during my career and have recently seen at least five of my previous students become teachers.  I'm so very proud of them for entering this crazy profession.  I know that if they stay true to themselves and remember why they became teachers in the first place, they will be in it for a very long time.

I've often thought I should perhaps do something else for a career.  I came to teaching quite late compared to others and graduated when I was 31.  I had intended to focus on child psychology and had begun that degree but felt that teaching would give me the experience I needed over a wide range of age groups so off I went.  My intention was to complete my two years post-study and become fully registered and then return to completing my degree in psychology.  A funny thing happened though the moment I started my first posting or placement.  I knew I'd found what I loved.  It was instant and I'd never felt more sure of anything in my life.

Over the years, like any of us, I've wondered if I should / could do anything else, expecially when the workload becomes a challenge or there are other challenges that present themselves.  I've even taken time out of the classroom twice, once to study for my Masters and the second time for health reasons.  There was a chance that I wouldn't be able to return to teaching.  To have something that you love with a passion taken away from you, not by choice, changes your thinking somewhat.

So why on Earth would you want to be a teacher?  Because it's the most rewarding profession on Earth.  Yes, there are so many challenges, yes it's hard and tiring, and at times beyond frustrating.  Don't believe people about 'all the holidays you get' - you'll spend a lot of them preparing learning and teaching for your students.  That's a choice by the way and it's why we do what we do - everything is always for our students.  We have them for a year, two if we're very spoiled and lucky.  That's a long time of learning and teaching that needs to be the best we can offer.  Everything we do matters on a minute-by-minute basis and that can be quite exhausting and all-consuming.  We give so much and that can make it hard to find a balance but it is so very worth it.   The quote below, from Krissy Venosdale, says it all for me.  It's wise advice.  


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