Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Don't Use a Reflective Journal Anymore

Over the years, I've used a reflective learning journal to record my thoughts, observations, questions and to reflect on what works - and what doesn't or hasn't worked - in my teaching and learning.

I've now stopped this!

So what do I do instead? I blog.


Blogging has allowed me to be able to go back to posts I've written to rethink ideas, to wonder about new information and add to what I already know. I couldn't do that with a journal - how would I ever find the page, let alone the right journal. I began to question what the relevance of a traditional journal was in my teaching and learning. To be honest, the relevance wasn't there.

With a blog, however, I can collaborate with others, learn new ideas, discuss and debate educational issues, walk the walk of a reflective practitioner, improve my practice through connecting with others, add to the world-wide discussions on education, take professional discussion and development to the next level. Who else would see my traditional journal - no one really. Now, others read what I write, contribute, collaborate and challenge my thinking on a wide range of issues.

I couldn't even begin to list the educators who have inspired me through their blogs and through the connections on Twitter, but I can add them as a list of blogs I follow on my sidebar!

Please check them out. There are some pretty inspiring, creative and critical thinkers out there. Please join us!

If you want to read more on why educators should blog and use Twitter, check out:

@justintarte on Twitter

Or, check out his blog - link on my blog list. If you'd like to know more about the benefits of Twitter, please check out the post on this blog.


  1. I really agree with you Justine! I have been blown away by the little part that I have explored already. It makes me so excited to see what you are doing. You have so much to share and are always willing to take time to share it with others. Thank you!

  2. You are too kind. I guess, for me, it's part of the joy of learning. Always important to take time for others and share the excitement of what we're doing. :-)

  3. I agree! I think you've articulated exactly what and why I feel and do this too. Blogging as a teacher creates a rich environment for rethinking, sharing, collaboration and contact, all contributing to professional reflecting and learning. I also enjoy the many forms it can support such as writing, video, photo, links etc.

  4. Hi Natasha
    I appreciate the feedback! It's so good to know there are other like minds out there.