Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Edublogs Club 1: My Blog Story

Hi everyone! I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand and it's supposed to be coming into our beautiful summertime.  Currently, it's grey, drizzling and anything but summertime!  I've been teaching for 18 years and last year left my position as a Deputy (Assistant) Principal to study full time for my Doctor of Education.  I'm still teaching part-time too though - relieving / substituting. I have a couple of regular schools which is great as I get to know the students really well.

Auckland City - from the harbour

One of our beaches

I've been blogging for a long time - since the beginning of 2010 - but I'm not all that consistent! One of my goals this year is to blog at least once a week as part of my reflection on my new learning journey.  In July last year I started my Doctor of Education through the University of Otago.  So far so good - absolutely loving it.  My research focus is on gifted and talented students and how we identify them and meet their learning needs and also support our already stretched classroom teachers who are trying to meet the needs of all learners.

University of Otago

I love reading and commenting on other blogs because it gives me a insight into the thoughts of others and challenges my thinking on a wide range of issues.  I try to make sure that I don't just read education blogs.  The wider the range the better - keeps your mind open to new ideas and possibilities.  I keep up with them by following via email, generally.  Some of my favourite education ones, however are:

Learning with 'e's - Steve Wheeler
Dangerously Irrelevant - Scott McLeod
Cool Cat Teacher - Vicki Davis
The Principal of Change - George Couros
Claire Amos - Learning Leading Change
Four Seasons in One Kiwi - Stephanie Thompson

These are just a few - there are a huge number more from all over the world.  The more the merrier to challenge my thinking!

My goals for the #EdublogsClub are to continue to connect with other educators, both locally and globally and to share ideas and conversations around learning and teaching.  I'd also love to connect with others who are interested in the same area of research that I am.

As far as advice for newbies... just jump in and enjoy.  Don't be afraid to share your ideas. You'll find that everyone is really supportive and encouraging, particularly if they've joined a challenge such as this one.  You'll be surprised by the feedback and conversations and connections that develop.  Don't feel that it has to be an 'academic standard' essay-type exercise.  Think of it more as a conversation with other like minds. :-)

Looking forward to this initiative and encouragement / prod to blog! 


  1. Hi Justine

    Welcome to the Edublogs Club!

    Love how you started by introducing yourself, what you do and where you live. Wish I had done that :(

    Auckland looks a bit similar to Perth. The weather here in Perth, Western Australia keeps changing to extremes. We have several days of 40's C and then days in the low 20's. Friday it was rainy and I was so cold I had to wear a jumper (which may have still seemed like a heat wave for you)!

    Those are all great blogs you've shared and excellent tips for newbies!


    1. Hi Sue
      The weather here is completely crazy at the moment! Perth has always been a city I've wanted to visit - I nearly moved there about 25 years ago!
      When I was thinking about all the blogs I read it was hard to limit the list - there are so many amazing blogs out there and, as you know, you often dip in and out depending on what comes through your feed on the different platforms and in the different discussions. Really looking forward to the blog challenge to keep me going this year. I started the TeachThought blog challenges up a couple of years ago and loved doing that with Beth Leidolf. :)